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Wednesday, November 13, 2019

This is ridiculous!!

Note: Due to the brutal weather, I'm off to Burma (Myanmar, if you like), so I won't be having another post for three weeks or so.

     On Halloween, I got quite a trick--9 inches (about 23 cm.) of snow.  After melting, I got another 6 inches.  Then it got nice and cold--three above zero for two mornings (minus 15 Celsius, to make it sound worse).  So, for the first time in 50 years of gardening here, it looks as though I will not get to remove any leaves, perennial--or even my annuals--until next spring (if there will be one).
     So, what happened to global warming?  Maybe I'll find it in Burma.

Sunday, November 3, 2019

I won't use it--but it looks nice.

     I have benches, tables, and seats all over my gardens.  But I can't seem to sit on any of them--at least for more than a minute.  Too much stuff to do and see, I guess.  Anyhow, I recently built another seat out of hundred-year-plus antique street pavers, topped with a "sandwiched" bench of three different layers of wood.  It is not fixed to the bricks, and it is heavy enough to remain in place.  It is also cantilevered, allowing it to hang over the low wall of fieldstones below the new bed of Vinca minor.  The bricks rest on a concrete foundation and concrete blocks to protect it from frost damage.
     I temporarily placed containers of Dragon Wing Begonias to see if I liked the effect.  I will likely do something similar next year, as I like how the bench is "nestled in" by the flowers, softening the whole structure.
     The first photo, taken from my patio at the bottom of the hill, shows how it fits in the whole back yard redevelopment.  It is at the center right of the photo. 
     To finish off the project, I added some mosses at the front base of the bricks.  Nice touch, I think.

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

My stumpery (My what???)

     OK, what is a stumpery?  It is a collection of stumps, logs, and other dead wood material that looks neat piled together--possibly having interesting live plants scattered amongst it.  I first saw one in an article in a gardening magazine three years ago.  Then I saw one in Invercargill, New Zealand last year (which I made a post about earlier).  So, I finally began mine this summer, but I expect it will take me years to finish, having fun collecting dead stuff along the way.
     The first photos are from the garden in New Zealand.  The live green plants in mine are earlier plantings of Japanese sedge.

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

A diversion...into a bog

     Note: I will be traveling for the next three weeks, so my next post will not appear until late in October.

     Just about 30 feet behind the new back lawn and gardens, I built a bog garden this summer.  It used to be a small reflecting pool, only about five feet by 12 feet and a foot deep.  I filled most of it with ground, leaving only a small pool for holding about four inches of water.  I have lots of Equisetum (Horsetail) and a lot of other water-loving plants.

Sunday, September 22, 2019

The southwest corner

     In my last post I showed how I built a seat in the southwest corner of my back yard.  I really should have showed the following photos first, as it shows where the seat fits in.
     The stones are weathered limestone, and I found them in a banquet hall that will soon be demolished.  The last two photos show where they were located and my neighbor and I removing them.  Some were quite heavy, thus, the dolly to carry them to my truck.